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Comhar Consulting Group was established in March of 2015. Between March and August the business found success through grass roots recruiting efforts, work ethic and an unwavering desire to succeed.By July of the same year our Managing Director, Todd Gordon, made his exit from corporate healthcare recruiting to focus 100% of his time and effort to Comhar Consulting Group. Since then, Comhar Consulting has filled positions in a variety of different specialties and states. The mission, vision, and values of Comhar Consulting Group can be summed up in one word – connection.

From its founding in early 2015, the driving force of Comhar’s business was to bring the values of integrity, trust, and honesty to both the providers we recruit and the clients with whom we contract. The humble beginnings started with a cell phone, computer and no capital investment. We were started from a passion to make the difference, an entrepreneurial spirit, a simple faith, and the desire to work hard and persevere – there has never been a “Plan B”.Comhar Consulting Group has a commitment to honor our core values, our client demand, and our candidate preferences. We will not compromise the values of honesty, trust, and integrity for ill-gotten gain or selfish ambition. Comhar’s clients have come to trust us as a partner and our candidates have come to appreciate our transparency.

Todd Gordon - Comhar Consulting Group

Todd Gordon

Managing Director

817.886.4788 toddgordon@comharconsultinggroup.com

Todd grew up building forts in the weeds and riding his bike to the beach with a surfboard in tow. The small southern New Jersey beach town of Brigantine provided the beginnings for an entrepreneurial spirit when he used to tread water in the golf course ponds to find golf balls and sell them back to the weekend golfers on the 11th hole tee box. His love for the game of ice hockey took over in his high school and college years.

Eventually, he was tired of rubbing two pennies together trying to make a quarter.He left college early to begin his professional career making a living in the ocean and back bays of New Jersey. When that didn’t work out so well Todd got involved in multi-level marketing where he developed his passion for people and recruitment. After 8 years in MLM, he transferred his skilsl and experience into a career in third part recruitment where he has remained for the past 17 years. Todd has recruited in almost every industry within several states including: Los Angeles (CA), Savannah (GA), Columbia (SC).

He returned to school later in life to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Resources Management from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. After obtaining his degree he started his HR career in the healthcare industry where he became an in-house physician and nurse recruiter at a local hospital. He moved from NJ to Fort Worth, Texas where he continued his healthcare staffing career in the Locums industry. After meeting Teresa, his entrepreneurial spirit was reignited on the belief that Comhar Consulting would bring a higher level of integrity, honesty, and attentive service to clients and candidates. For Todd, these were values he felt the industry had lost sight of in an extremely competitive, corporate environment.

The first two things Todd learned to do when he moved to Texas was learn to ride a horse and handle a firearm. One day he might learn the two-step and own a horse but he is taking things one step at a time. Todd is single with no children which allows him extra time to pursue his love for golf, participating in ministry service at his church, and spending time with his Rottweiler, Meshach. Todd is passionate about charity causes that support our military veterans’ and single mothers recovering from adversity.

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